Do You Remember Ukulele Chords

Jack Johnson – Do You Remember Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: AD (1 Octave + 6 half tones) – find your voice range here




Do you Dremember when we first met? AI sure do.
It was some Gtime in early SeptDember   A
You were Dlazy about it, you made mAe wait around
I was so crGazy about you I didn’t minDd      A


I was Dlate for class, I locked my Abike to yours
It wasn’t Ghard to find ‒ you painted floDwers oAn it
I guess that DI was afraid that if you Arolled away
You might not Groll back my direction real sDoon.     A


I was crazy Aabout you then and now
The craAziest thing of all,
Over Gmaj7ten years F#mhave gone Emby
And you’re still Emmine, we’re locked in Emtime
Let’s rewinAd      G        F#m        Em


Do you reDmember When we first moved Ain together?
The piGano took up the living roDom     A
You’d play me bDoogie woogie, I played yAou love songs
You’d say we’re pGlaying house, now you still say Dwe are.A


We built our Dget away up in a tAree we found.
We felt so Gfar away but we were Dstill in townA.
Now I remeDmber watching that old trAee burn down
I took a picGture that I don’t like Dto look Aat.


Well, all these Atimes they come and go
And alone Adon’t seem so long
Over Gmaj7ten years hF#mave gone Emby
We Emcan’t rewind, we’re loEmcked in time
But you’re still mine A        G        F#m        Em
Do you remDember?