Green Eyes Ukulele Chords

Coldplay – Green Eyes Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: AE (1 octaves + 8 half tones) – how to use this


AHoney youE are a rockBm
AUpon whEich I stanBmd
AAnd I comEe here to talBmk
AI hope yoEu understanBmd


The Bmgreen eyes, yeah the sDpotlight
Shines upoAn you     E
And hoBmw could, anyDbody, denAy you   E
BmI came here with a loaDd
And it Dfeels so much AlighteGr now I meDt you
BmAnd honey you should kDnow
That I could never Ago      Gon withoDut you
BmGreen eyes


AHoney yoEu are the seBma
AUpon whEich I floaBmt
AAnd I caEme here to taBmlk
AI think yEou should knBmow


The gBreen eyes
You’re the oDne that I wanted to Afind    E
And anByone who tried to deDny you
Must be out of their Amind   E
BmBecause I came here with a lDoad
And it feels so much lAighterG since I Dmet you
BmHoney you should kDnow
That I could never gAo        Gon witDhout you
GBmreen eyes, green eyes
Oh oh Aoh, oh oh Bmoh, oh oh oh, oh oh oAh


AHoney yEou are a roBmck
AUpon whiEch I stBmand