Tangled Up In Blue Ukulele Chords

Bob Dylan – Tangled Up In Blue Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: CE (1 octave + 5 half tones) – how to use this


G   Gsus   G   Gsus      x2


GEarly one morning the Fsun was shining
GI was laying in Fbed
GWond’ring if she’d Fchanged it all
If her Chair was still red
GHer folks they said our Flives together
GSure was gonna be Frough
They Gnever did like Mama’s Fhomemade dress
Papa’s Cbankbook wasn’t big enough
And DI was standing on the Emside of the road
GRain falling on my Cshoes
DHeading out for the EmEast Coast
Lord Gknows I’ve paid some Cdues getting Dthrough
FTangled Cup in Gblue.      Gsus            G        Gsus


GShe was married when Fwe first met
GSoon to be divoFrced
I Ghelped her out of a Fjam I guess
But I Cused a little too much force
We Gdrove that car as Ffar as we could
AGbandoned it out FWest
GSplit it up on a Fdark sad night
Both Cagreeing it was best
ShDe turned around to lEmook at me
As GI was walking awCay
I Dheard her say over my Emshoulder
“We’ll Gmeet again someCday on the aDvenue”
FTangled Cup in bGlue.      Gsus            G        Gsus


GI had a job in the greaFt north woods
GWorking as a cook for a sFpell
ButG I never did like it all tFhat much
And Cone day the ax just fell
SoG I drifted down to NeFw Orleans
WGhere I happened to be empFloyed
WGorking for a while on a fiFshing boat
RCight outside of Delacroix
But Dall the while I Emwas alone
The Gpast was close Cbehind
I Dseen a lot of wEmomen
But she Gnever escaped my Cmind and I just Dgrew
FTangled Cup in Gblue.    Gsus            G        Gsus


GShe was working in a topless pFlace
AGnd I stopped in for a beFer
I jGust kept looking at her side of her fFace
ICn the spotlight so clear
AGnd later on as the crowd thFinned out
I Gwas just about to do the sFame
SGhe was standing there in back oFf my chair
SaCid to me “Don’t I know your name?”
I Dmuttered something undEmerneath my breath
SheG studied the lines on myC face
I Dmust admit I felt a littlEme uneasy
WGhen she bent down to tie the Claces of my shDoe
FTangled Cup in Gblue.    Gsus            G        Gsus


GShe lit a burner on the stove and offereFd me a pipe
GI thought you’d never say hello” sFhe said
GYou look like the silent tFype”
TChen she opened up a book of poems
AGnd handed it to mFe
WGritten by an Italian pFoet
FGrom the fifteenth cenFtury
ACnd every one of them words rang true
ADnd glowed like burnEming coal
PGouring off of every Cpage
LDike it was written in my Emsoul from me to Dyou
FTangled Cup in Gblue    Gsus            G        Gsus


GI lived with them on Montague FStreet
GIn a basement down the stFairs
GThere was music in the café at Fnight
And Crevolution in the air
Then Ghe started into dealing with Fslaves
And Gsomething inside of him Fdied
She Ghad to sell everything she Fowned
And Cfroze up inside
And Dwhen finally the bottoEmm fell out
GI became withdCrawn
The Donly thing I knew hEmow to do
WGas to keep on keeping on likCe a bird that Dflew
FTangled Cup in Gblue.    Gsus            G        Gsus


GSo now I’m going back Fagain
GI got to get her somFehow
GAll the people we usedF to know
ThCey’re an illusion to me now
GSome are mathematFicians
GSome are carpenter’s Fwives
GDon’t know how it all Fgot started
I Cdon’t what they’re doing with their lives
DBut me I’m still on tEmhe road
GHeading for another Cjoint
DWe always did feel thEme same
GWe just saw it from a Emdifferent point of Dview
FTangled Cup in GBlue.