What A Wonderful World Ukulele Chords

What a Wonderful World Ukulele Chords – Louis Armstrong

Voice Range: CD (1 Octave + 3 half tones) – how to use this?


Intro 2x: F C7

I see Ftrees of Amgreen, A#red roses Amtoo.
Gm7I see them Fbloom, A7for me and Dmyou.
And I C#think to myself, Gm7what a C7wonderful Fworld. F+      Gm7           C7


I see Fskies of Amblue, And A#clouds of Amwhite.
Gm7The bright blessed Fday, A7The dark sacred Dmnight.
And I C#think to myself, Gm7What a C7wonderful Fworld. A# F


The Csus4colors of the Crainbow, So Fmaj7pretty in the F6sky.
Are Csus4also on the Cfaces, Of Fmaj7people going F6by,
I see Dmfriends shaking Amhands. SayingDm, “How do you Amdo?”
DmThey’re really Cdimsaying, “Gm7I love C7you”.


I hearF babies Amcry, A#I watch them Amgrow,
Gm7They’ll learn much Fmore, Than A7I’ll ever Dmknow.
And I C#think to myself, Gm7 What a C7wonderful Fworld. D#       D


Yes, I Gm7think to myself, Gdim
What a wonderful Fworld.    A#m6               Fmaj7