mr sandman ukulele chords

The Chordettes – Mr. Sandman Ukulele Chords

I strongly suggest to transpose the chords one half step up.

Voice Range: EC# (1 octave + 10 half tones) – how to use this?


Intro x2:
AF#m7,   Bm7 – E7


Mr. A6Sandman, G#7bring me a dream
C#7Make him the cutest that F#7I’ve ever seen
B6Give him two lips like E7roses and clover
AThen tell him that his lonesome F7nights are oE7ver


A6Sandman, G#7I’m so alone
C#7Don’t have nobody to F#7call my own
BmPlease turn on your magic Dm6beam
Mr. ASandman, B7bring me E7a dreaAm


Key Change


Interlude x2:
DBm7, Em7 – A7


Mr. D6Sandman, C#7bring me a dream
F#7Make him the cutest that B7I’ve ever seen
E6Give him the word that I’m A7not a rover
DThen tell him that his lonesome A#7nights are A7over


D6Sandman, C#7I’m so alone
F#7Don’t have nobody to B7call my own
EmPlease turn on your magic Gm6beam
Mr. DSandman, E7bring me A7a dreaDm


Back to first key


DBm7,   Bm7 – E7,   Bm7 – E7,   AE7


Mr. A6Sandman (yes) G#7bring us a dream
Give him a C#7pair of eyes with a F#7come-hither gleam
Give him a B6lonely heart like E7Pagliacci
AAnd lots of wavy hair like F7LiberaceE7


Mr A6Sandman, G#7someone to hold
C#7Would be so peachy beF#7fore we’re too old
So Bmplease turn on your magic Dm6beam
Mr ASandman, B7bring us, Aplease, please, B7please
Mr ASandman, B7bring us E7a dreamA