Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E Ukulele Chords

Voice Range: C#D (1 octave + 2 half tones) – how to use this


GL       is Em7for the way you Am7look at mD7e
Am7O       is D7for the only Gone I see
G7V       is very, very    Cextraordinary
AE     is A7even more thanD anyoA7ne that D7you adore


GLove is Em7all that I can Am7give to D7you
Am7Love is mD7ore than just a Ggame for two
G7Two in love can make it
CTake my heart and Aplease don’t break it
GLove was D7made for me and Gyou


Next part is half step up.. And the chords you will need are:

G#,   Fm7,   A#m7,   D#
A#m7,   D#7,   G#,   G#
G#7,   G#7,   C#,   A#
G#,   D#7,   G#,   G#


And now again – we move half step up:


Verse: (Here the song moves with another half step up)
AL       is F#m7for the way you Bm7look at mE7e
Bm7O       is E7for the only Aone I see
A7V       is very, very    Dextraordinary
BE     is B7even more thanEanyoB7ne that E7you adore


ALove is F#m7all that I can Bm7give to E7you
Bm7Love is mE7ore than just a Agame for two
A7Two in love can make it
DTake my heart and Bplease don’t break it
ALove was E7made for me and Ayou
ALove was E7made for me and Ayou
ALove was E7made for me and Ayou