New York Ukulele Chords Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra – New York New York Ukulele Chords

The original song is in the key of D


Voice Range: FC (1 octave + 1 half tone) – find your voice range here


Do the leading base playing these two picks over the chord of C and Csus4 (Valid only in the key of C:





Start spreading the Cnews, I am leaving tCsus4oday
I want to Cbe a part of it – New York, NCsus4ew York
These vagabond sChoes are longing to sCsus4tray
Right through the vCery heart of it – New York, NC7ew York


I want toF wake up in a cFmity that doesn’t slCeep
And find I’m kEming of the hill – A7  top of the heapDm     G


These little town bClues are melting aCsus4way
I’ll make a bCrand new start of it in old NC7ew York


If I can Fmake it tFmhere, I’ll make iCt anywheA7re
It’s up to Dmyou – GNew DmYork, GNew CYork