dream a little dream of me ukulele chords

Dream A Little Dream Of Me – Ukulele Chords

Elvis Presley version is in key of F#m

Voice Range: GB (1 Octave + 5 half tones) – how to use this?


CStars B7shining bright aG#bove Gyou
CNight B7breezes seem to Awhisper I A7love you
FBirds singing in the FmSycamore tree
CDream a little G#dream of Gme


CSay B7nightie-night and G#kiss Gme
CJust B7hold me tight and Atell me you’ll A7miss me
FWhile I’m alone and Fmblue as can be
CDream a little G#dream Gof     Cme    E7


AStars F#mfading but BmI linger Eon dear, Astill F#mcraving your Bmkiss   E
AI’m F#mlonging to Bmlinger till Edawn dear, Ajust F#msaying G#this     G


CSweet B7dreams till sunbeams G#find    Gyou
CSweet B7dreams that leave all Aworries far A7behind you
FBut in your dreams Fmwhatever they be
CDream a little G#dream Gof    Cme