Talking Bird Ukulele Chords

Death Cab For Cutie – Talking Bird Ukulele Chords

Voice Range: GG (1 octave + 1 half tone) – how to use this


COh, my Etalking Fbird
Though you Cknow Gso few Fwords
They’re onC infiniEmte repFeat
Like your Cbrain can’t keep Gup with your Fbeak.


And you’re Ckept in an Emopen cFage
So you’re Cfree to lGeave or Fstay.
SomeCtimes you Emget confFused
Like there’s a Chint I am tGrying to give yFou.


The Dmlonger you think
The Gless you know what to Cdo.


Em    F
C      G      F


It’s Chard to sEee your way Fout
When you lCive in a hGouse in a hFouse
Cause you Cdon’t   EmrealizFe
That the Cwindows were Gopen the whole Ftime.


COh, my tEmalking Fbird
Though your Cfeathers are Gtattered and Ffurled
I’ll lCove you Emall your Fdays
Till the Cbreath leaves your Gdelicate fFrame.


It’s Dmall here for you
As Glong as your choose to Amstay.   G        F
It’s Dmall here for you
As Glong as you don’t fly awCay.