Billy Joel Lullabye Ukulele Chords

Billy Joel – Lullabye Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: DD (1 octave + 1 half tone) – how to use this


Intro: G   Cm   G   C9   C     x2


GGoodnight, Cmmy angeGl
TimeC to close Gyour eyes
DAnd save these questEmons for Dano – tCher day
GI think I Cmknow whGat you’ve Cbeen askGing me
DI think you know Gwhat I’ve Bm7]been trying to sAay
CI promEmised I wAmould never Dleave you
GAnd you shG7ould always knC9ow     C
GWherever youG7 may gCo
CNo maGtter AmwhereEm you Aare
I never Awill be fAm7ar awayD7


GGoodnight, Cmmy angelC
Now Cit’s time tGo sleep
DAnd still so manEmy things DI want Cto say
GRemembeCmr all thGe songs Cyou sang Gfor me
DWhen we went saiCling on an eBm7merald bayA
CAnd like Ema boat ouAmt on the Docean
GI’m rockG7ing you to sC9leep    C
GThe waterG7‘s dark
ACnd deep iGnside tAmhis anEmcient heAart
You’ll always Abe a  Am7part of D7me


Gm    F    A#    F    Gm    D#    D     x2
G7        Cm        A7        D7


GGoodnight, Cmmy angelG
Now Cit’s time tGo dream
DAnd dream how wEmonderful yoDur life Cwill be
GSomeday Cmyour child Gmay cry
G7And if Cyou sing Emthis lullaA7bye
CmThen  Em in    Cyour    Gheart
There will A7always be a pDart of me


G   Cm   G   C9   C     x2


GSomeday Cmwe’ll all Gbe gone
G7But lullCabyes go Emon and oA7n…
CmThey   Emne-veCr     Gdie
That’s how A7you and DI will be


G   Cm   G   A#    G#    F    G#    G