I will ukulele chords

The Beatles – I Will Ukulele Chords

Voice Range: DA (1 octave + 8 half tones) – how to use this?


1st Verse:
Who Fknows how Dm7long I’ve loGm7ved you     C7
You Fknow I lDmove you stiAmll
F7Will I wA#ait a loC7nely lifDmetime    F
If you A#want me C7to, I wiFll       Dm7            Gm7            C7


2nd Verse:
For Fif    I    Dm7ever    sGm7aw you  C7
I Fdidn’t cDmatch your Amname
F7But it nA#ever reC7ally matDmtered       F
I will A#always    C7feel the Fsame       F7


A#Love you forAmever aDm7nd foreverDm7
GmLove you with C7all my heFart       F7
A#Love you whenAmever we’Dm7re togetDm7her
G7Love you when G7we’re apC7art      C7


3rd Verse:
And Fwhen at Dm7last I fiGm7nd you     C7
Your Fsong will Dmfill the airAm
F7Sing it A#loud so C7I can hDmear you  A#m           F
Make it A#easy     tC7o be neDmar you  A#m           F
For the A#things you dC7o     endDmear you tFo me
A#Oh, you kC7now I wC#7ill     C#7
I wFill       F7


A#Mm mm mm C7mm mm mDm7m mm mmDm7 mm
Gm7Da da da da C7da da daF