Time Ukulele Chords

Pink Floyd – Time Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: F#G# (1 octave + 3 half tones) – how to use this?


  D7#9   D7b9
A|-3------3--|    If you are transposing the song - Add or subtract 1
E|-2------2--|    for every halftone transposed.
G|-2------2--|    Example.. if you have transposed the song full step up
                  The E7#9 chord would be 4,7,4,5.. and the E7b9 - 4,5,4,5


E   F#m   E   F#m
E   F#m   E   F#m
F#m   A   E   F#m


F#mTicking away the moments that make up a Adull day
EFritter and waste the hours in an off-hand F#mway
F#mKicking around on a piece of ground in your Ahome town
EWaiting for someone or something to show you the F#mway


Post Verse:
Dmaj7Tired of lying in the sunshine Amaj7staying home to watch the rain
Dmaj7You are young and life is long and Amaj7there is time to kill today
Dmaj7And then one day you find C#m7ten years have got behind you
Bm7No one told you when to run, Eyou missed the starting gun


F#m   A   E   F#m     x4
Dmaj7   Amaj7   Dmaj7   Amaj7
Dmaj7   C#m7   Bm7   E


And you F#mrun and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s Asinking
ERacing around to come up behind you aF#mgain
F#mThe sun is the same in a relative way, but you’re Aolder
EShorter of breath and one day closer to F#mdeath


Post Verse:
Dmaj7Every year is getting shorter, Amaj7never seem to find the time
Dmaj7Plans that either come to naught or Amaj7half a page of scribbled lines
Dmaj7Hanging on in quiet despeC#m7ration is the English way
The Bm7time is gone, the song is over, tDhought I’d something Dmmore to Emsay


Breathe Represe Intro:
Em,       A7 – A7sus4 – A7     x2


EmHome, home A7again   A7sus4                A7
EmI like to be here when I A7can      A7sus4                A7
EmWhen I come home cold and A7tired      A7sus4                A7
It’s Emgood to warm my bones beside the A7fire       A7sus4                A7
CFar away, across the field
BmThe tolling of the iron bell
FCalls the faithful to their knees
GTo hear the softly D7#9spoken    D7b9magic    Bmspell