Jeff Buckley - Lover, You Should've Come Over Ukulele Chords

Jeff Buckley – Lover, You Should’ve Come Over Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: BD (2 octave + 4 half tones) – find your voice range here


Intro: D, DDDC, Em, Em, Em, Em


DLooking out the door
I see the rain fall upon the fuCneral Emmourners
ParDading in a wake of sad relations
As their shoes fill Cup with wEmater
And mGaybe i’m too yF#oung
To kBmeep good love froDm going Gwrong
But toDnight you’re on Cmy miEmnd so you never know


I’m Dbroken down and hungry for your love
With no Cway to fEmeed it
WhDere are you tonight?
Child you know how mCuch i nEmeed it
GToo young to hold F#on
And too Bmold to just Dbreak free and Grun


BmSometimes a man gets Emcarried away
When he fBmeels like he should be having his Emfun
And much too Bmblind to see the damage he’s Emdone
SCometimes a man must awake to find that rDeally
He has nEmo-one


DSo i’ll wait for you..Gm. and i’ll burn
AWill I ever see your swGeet return
AOh will I ever learn   C         Bm
ALover, you should’ve come Emover
‘Cause it’s not too Dlate


DLonely is the room, the bed is made
The open window Clets the Emrain in
DBurning in the corner is the only one
Who dreams he Chad you Emwith him
GMy body tF#urns and yearns for a sBmleep
That will nDever cGome


FIt’s never oDver
My kingdom for a kiss uCpon her sEmhoulder
It’s never oDver, all my riches for her smiles
When i slept so sCoft agaiEmnst her…
It’s never Dover
All my blood for the sweetneCss of her lEmaughter
It’s never oDver, she’s the tear
That hangs inside my sCoul forEmever


GWell maybe I’m just too yF#oung
To Bmkeep good love Dfrom going wGrong    Gm

DOh…       Gm        A        G        A        C        Bm
ALover, you should’ve come F#over


DI feel too young to hold Gmon
I’m mAuch too old to break free and Grun
Too dAeaf, dumb, and blind
To see the damage i’ve dCone     Bm
Sweet Alover, you should’ve come oEmver
Oh, love well i’m waiting for you
DLooooooooGmover   A        G        A        C        Bm


LoAver, you should’ve come oEmver
‘Cause it’s not too laDte         C           Em