Dreams Be Dreams Ukulele Chords

Jack Johnson – Dreams Be Dreams Ukulele Chords


Voice Range: AD (1 octave + 6 half tones) – find your voice range here


D   D   D   D
D   BG   A
D   BG   A


DShe’s just Bmwaiting for the
Gsummertime when the Aweathers fine
DShe could hitch a riBmde out of
towGn and so far awAay
From that Dlow dBmown
Ggood for Anothing
MisDtake making Bmfool with
Gexcuses like Ababy that was
A Dlong time Bmago but
Gthat’s just a euphemism if Ayou want the truth
He was Dout of cBmontrol but a
Gshort times just a long time Athen your mind just won’t let it go


D   D   D   D
D   BG   A
D   BG   A


DWell summer Bmcame along and it
Gthen was gone and Aso was she
DNot from Bmhim because he
Gfollowed her just to let her Aknow
That her Ddreams are Bmdreams
GAnd all this livAings so much
harDder than it seeBmms
GBut girAl don’t let your dreDams be dreaBmms
GYou know this livAings not so harDd as it seeBmms
GDon’t Alet your DdreeeeeeeeAmeaaaaaaGamsssA
Be DdreeeeeeBmeeeeeaaGaaamsA
Your DdreeeeeeeeAmeaaaaaaGamsssA
Be DdreeeeeeBmeeeeeaaGaaamsA
Be dDreams