Don't Give Up Ukulele Chords

Bruno Mars – Don’t Give Up Ukulele Chords

Voice Range: F#B (1 octave + 7 half tone) – how to use this


B    B    A    E     x2


BWhen you wanna doAsomething that’s new.
EAnd it seems realF#ly, really hard to do.
BYou feel like quitting,Ayou feel you’re through.
EWell I have some advF#ice for you


Don’t give Bup, keAep on Etrying,
BY’all gonna make it, AI ain’t lyEing
Don’t give Bup, Adon’t ever qEuit
BTry and try and yAou can dEo it
Don’t give Bup (yeah)


If you Bwant to caAtch a ball
But you’re Ehaving no luF#ck at all.
The Bball hits your head, it Ahits your nose.
It Ehits your belly, your F#chin and toes.
Well Btry and try and Etry again, Gkeep on trying F#and soon
You’ll put your Bhands outEin the air,
You’ll Gcatch that ball, yes F#this I swear


Don’t give Bup, kAeep on goEing.
YoBu’re on a boat, so Akeep on rEowing
Don’t give Bup, don’tAever stEop,
BTry and try and you’ll coAme out on topE
Don’t give Bup.


You Dgot yourself new Aroller-skates.
You F#put them on and Gyou feel great,
DStand up, but tAhen you fall,
F#Don’t think you can Gskate at all.
You Aget back up and Gthen you trip
You Askip and tip and Gslip and flip
Well Atry and try and Gtry some more,
And Asoon you’re skating Gacross the flAoor.


Don’t give Bup, keAep on mEoving.
You’re Bgonna get there just Akeep on Egrooving
BDon’t give up, Adon’t pack it Ein,
BTry and try and Ayou will Ewin
Don’t give Bup.
ANo no nEo, don’t give Bup
ANo no nEo, don’t give Bup
ANo no nEo, don’t give Bup
ANo      nEo, don’t give Bup