Bob Marley – Don’t Rock My Boat Ukulele Chords

Voice Range: F#A (1 octave + 4 half tones) – how to use this?


Oh, Aplease don’t you C#mrock my Bmboat   E7
‘Cause I Adon’t want my C#mboat to be Bmrockin’     E7
Oh, Aplease don’t you rC#mock my boBmat    E7
‘Cause I Adon’t want my bC#moat to be Bmrockin’  E7


I’m telling you that, Doh, oh-ooh, wo-o-wo!
I like it – like it E7this I’m a really is
And you should Dknow oh
When I like it a like a E7this I’m a really is oh yeah


BmYou satis satis satiE7sfy my soul
Morning Bmtime evening cold satisfE7y my soul
Yes I been a Bmtelling you
E7We’ll play the sweetest games
DI’m happy inside all the tAime
Oh, can’t you Dsee what you’ve done for mAe


You make me feel lBmike when we bE7end a new corners
BmWe feel like sE7weep stake winners yeah
BmWhen we bend them nE7ew corners
BmWe feel like sE7weep stake winner

And I said DOh uh oh I like it a like thE7is, yes I do
And you should Dknow oh ah
When I like it a like a E7this I’ve got it just can’t miss


BmSatis satisfy my E7soul darling
Make me Bmlove you in the morning time E7
If I ever tBmreated you bad make it up to E7me one time
‘Cos I’m happDy inside all the tAime
I want you be Dside me yeah to be Amine


One thing you got to do Bm
Is when we’re E7holding hands together
BmYou got to know that E7we love a love each other yeah
BmAnd if any time you should walkE7 away from me now
BmYou’ll know I’ll need E7your sympathy


DCan you see do you believe me
E7Oh darling darling I’m calling calling
DSatisfy my soul satisfy my soul
E7Never, never, never give it up now


BmAll in the samE7e boat Bmrocking on the sE7ame rope
BmWe gotta get together loving eE7ach other
DAnd can’t you see what I’ve got foAr you, yeah
DI’m happy, happy, happy, happy, happy
AAnd not even time to be blue now
BmCome a little closer