Pearl Jam – Black Ukulele Chords

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Voice Range: EG (1 octave + 4 half tones) – how to use this?


ESheets of eAmpty canvasAsus4                A
UntoEuched sheetAs of claAsus4y                A
EWere laid spread out Abefore me
As heEr body once did.


EAll five hoArizons    Asus4                A
RevEolved around her Asoul as the earth to theAsus4 sun            A
ENow the air I tasteAd and breathed
Has Etaken a turn


Ooh, and Call I taught her
Was Emeverything
Ooh, CI know she gave me
All that shEme wore


And now my Dbitter hands
Chafe benCeath the clouds
Of what was everytEmhing.
Oh, the Dpictures
have all been washCed in black
Tattooed everythEming…


EI take Aa walk outsiAsus4de                A
I’m suErrounded by sAome kids at plaAsus4y                A
EI can feel thAeir laughter
So Ewhy do I sear?


OhC, and twisted thoughts that spin
Round my hEmead, I’m spinning
OhC, I’m spinning
Hhow quick the sun can drop aEmway


And now myD bitter hands
CraCdle broken glass
Of what was everytEmhing
All the Dpictures have
All been wasChed in black
Tattooed everyEmthing…


All thDe love gone bad
Turned mCy world to black
Tattooed aDll I see
All that CI am
All I’ll beeEmeeeeeeeeeDee… yeah…  C


Em   D   C


I Emknow someday you’ll have a beautiful life,
I Dknow you’ll be a star
In sComebody else’s sky,
But Emwhy, why, wDhy
Can’t iCt be, can’t it be miEmne?
DAah… uuCh..



Em   D   C     x5
D    C
Em   D   C     (fade)