Frank Sinatra – My Way Ukulele Chords

Voice Range: AF# (1 octave + 10 half tones) – how to use this?


And Dnow, the end is F#mnear
And so I Am6face the final B7curtain
My Emfriend, I’ll say it Em7clear
I’ll state my A7case, of which I’m Dcertain
I’ve Dlived a life that’s Am6full
I traveled Geach and every Gmhighway
And Dmore, much more than A7this
I did it Gmy   Gm6                  Dway


RegDrets, I’ve had a fF#mew
But then aAm6gain, too few to B7mention
I Emdid what I had to Em7do
And saw it A7through without exDemption
I pDlanned each charted cAm6ourse
Each careful Gstep along the Gmbyway
And Dmore, much more than A7this
I did it Gmy     Gm6                 Dway


Yes, there were Dtimes, I’m sure you kAm6new
When I bit Goff more than I could chew
But through it Em7all, when there was A7doubt
I ate it F#mup and spit it oBmut
I faced it Em7all and I stood A7tall
And did it Gmy    Gm6                 Dway


I’ve Dloved, I’ve laughed and F#mcried
I’ve had my Am6fill, my share of B7losing
And Emnow, as tears subEm7side
I find it A7all so amuDsing
To Dthink I did all Am6that
And may I Gsay, not in a shGmy way
Oh, Dno, oh, no, not A7me
I did it Gmy       Gm6                 Dway


For what is a Dman, what has he Am6got?
If not himGself, then he has naught
To say the thEm7ings he truly feA7els
And not the F#mwords of one who kBmneels
The record Em7shows I took the A7blows
And did it Gmy      Gm6                 Dway


D   F#m   Am6   Am6
G   Gm   D   A7


Yes, it was Gmy     Gm6                Dway